Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is there a free trial period?

    Yes. You can try for 1 month absolutely free. No credit card required. However, you are limited to tracking either four keywords for daily tracking or ten keywords for weekly tracking, during the trial.
  2. How do I create(convert to) a paid account?

    1. Purchase a license. After you purchase a license, a key is emailed to you.
    2. Apply the license key from the control panel.
  3. Who is an account owner?

    An account owner is the one who has initially created the account and has full management permissions over that account.
  4. Can I have multiple accounts?

    Yes. You can have multiple accounts and purchase different licenses for different accounts.
  5. How do I upgrade or downgrade my account?

    Upgrading or downgrading is similar to creating a new account. 1. Purchase the new plan(a new license key will be emailed to you). 2. Cancel your previous plan from PayPal dashboard. and 3. Apply the new license key to your account.
  6. What happens when I downgrade?

    When you downgrade, say from a 100 to 25 keywords license, then only the first 25 keywords will be tracked. The remaining 75 will be ignored. And if after downgrade you wanted to add a new keyword then you will have to delete 76 keywords to make room for the new one. Keywords are tracked in the order they were added (ie oldest first).
  7. Can monitoring be paused on a keyword?

    No. If you run out of keywords, then the only option is to delete keywords or upgrade.
  8. I deleted a keyword/domain by mistake. Is there a backup of my data?

    No. Once a domain or keyword is deleted, all data is permanently gone.
  9. Can others see my data?

    No. Only you and users authorized by you can see your data
  10. Can I change the time when data refreshes ?

    No. Each account gets a system assigned time when the data refreshes. All domains and keywords for an account will be refreshed by a system determined time.
  11. How do I close my account and delete all data?

    Use the Engage button to contact us. After confirmation and due diligence we will delete your account. It may take up to a week, because we want to ascertain that you are the rightful owner requesting deletion.